I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

Important doguments

Alice in wonderland themed bouquet
done by Myra Oh
at Diadem Tattoo
in Orange Park, Florida.
Am I professional yet

Danny tried to call and I’m at work :(

My boss bought me a slice of cake :)


I legitimately hope people are learning something from all the shit going on concerning Ferguson

And by learning something, I mean deconstructing the F U C K out of their anti-blackness and understanding just how devalued black lives are in America(and in the world tbh)

You can reblog the post, you can post about it, but unless you’re working to unpack your antiblackness, and the antiblackness of people around you, you’re fucking up and this shit is going to keep happening 

My sister gave me some cryptic message about getting a visitor today, and basically I set myself of for disappointment thinking that something nice was actually going to happen. Idk.